Released the book “Las Guerras Astur-Cántabras”

Last Thursday (17/12) was presented in Gijón/Xixón the book Las Guerras Astur-Cántabras.  It contains the proceedings of the First Archaeological Meeting of the Asturian-Cantabrian Wars (held in Gijón/Xixón in October 2014), where several researchers presented the latest archaeological developments on the matter. Jorge Camino Mayor, Eduardo Peralta Labrador and Jesús Francisco Torres Martínez coordinate this volume and KRK ediciones is its publisher. Some of the sites by us located in recent times all throughout Galicia, Asturias and Leon are analysed in three papers.


«La sierra de Penouta y El Cordal d’Ouroso: una línea de avance del ejército romano en el occidente cantábrico» («The sierra of Penouta and El Cordal d’Ouroso: a new Roman military route across the western Cantabrian mountain chain») describes an incursion route from the Galician province of Lugo to the low basin of the river El Navia. Besides three previously published marching camps it is described a new defensive line in Cildadeya (Vilanova de Ozcos, Asturias). A brief report of the Roman camp of Moyapán (Ayande, Asturias) is also included.

Recinto de A Pedra Dereta (Castropol-Boal, Asturias)
Enclosure of A Pedra Dereta (Castropol-Boal, Asturias)

«El castra aestiva de Huerga de Frailes (Villazala, León)» («The castra aestiva of Huerga de Frailes (Villazala, León)») analyses the traces of this -almost disappeared- marching camp placed in the eastern bank of the river El Órbigo (León).

Recinto de Huerga de Frailes (Villazala, León)
Enclosure of Huerga de Frailes (Villazala, León)

«Novedades sobre la presencia del ejército romano en el occidente galaico» («The presence of the Roman army in Galician territories: new archaeological data») studies the camps of O Cornado (Negreira, A Coruña) and Campos (Vila Nova de Cerveira, Viana do Castelo, Portugal), plus the enclosure of Ferreira (O Valadouro, Lugo). The first hypotheses regarding the chronological and functional context of these sites are also provided.

Enclosure of O Cornado (Negreira, A Coruña)

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