Trying to deepen the study of the Augustan campaigns in Hispania


Since its very beginning the Spanish historiography has paid a great attention to the Cantabrian and Asturian Wars. From the end of the XXth century onwards, the development of the Roman military archaeology have brought a remarkable transformation of the studies on this subject. However, sometimes the modern analysis on this topic have been excessively positivist and they do not delve into the socio-political and cultural dimensions of the war.

O campamento de Castillejo (en primeiro plano) e o castro/castellum de Monte Bernorio ao fondo (Palencia)
The Roman camp of Castillejo (in foreground) and the hillfort/castellum of Monte Bernorio at the bottom (Palencia)

The aim of the paper “Augustan campaigns in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula: military action and propaganda”, recently published in Arkeogazte 5, is not to offer a review of the conflict as a whole but to focus on two issues. On one hand, we will try to revalue the contribution of literary sources; on the other hand, our intention is to unravel the social, cultural, ideological and propagandistic aspects that make this war particular from a Roman perspective.

Here you can find the complete paper.

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