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In the shade of the Cerro

We are back in the lands of the Odra-Pisuerga. As you may remember, we explored some Roman military structures located in the area of Sasamón (Burgos) in August 2017, always under the impressive presence of Cerro Castarreño. At its summit there is an oppidum – a large hillfort – which our colleague Jesús García began to survey in 2008 for his doctoral thesis, recovering then numerous material evidences related to the Second Iron Age. In addition, the aerial photographs taken in 2011 and 2012, the geophysical survey of 2017 and a new flight with drone in 2018 revealed the presence of some anomalies in one of the plateau’s corners which could correspond to a trench and a stone wall. This possible fortification is of great interest to us, since this region played an important role in the early stages of the Astur-Cantabrian Wars (29-19 BC), as various classical authors mention. Therefore, we are interested in understanding the occupation sequence and abandonment of this pre-Roman settlement (probably the Segisama of the Turmogi people) in a context of an already attested heavy Roman military presence.

Besides the excavation of these structures, we are also going to restore, draw and catalogue a series of archaeological materials that were located throughout time in the vicinity of the neighbouring city of Sasamón, possibly the Segisamo founded in Augustan times after the abandonment (peaceful or violent?) of the Second Iron Age settlement in Cerro Castarreño. These materials are varied and heterogeneous (pottery of different types, metal, glass, etc.). Some of these elements can provide new data on the general chronology of this Roman city and on its daily life.

Since we believe in an open science model, in communion with society, over the next few days we will be developing various activities open to the general public, about which we will keep you informed. For those of you who cannot visit us, the social media activity will keep you equally updated. Every day at 12:00 PM a new story.  You are all welcome!

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