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Exploring the Serra da Padrela (Portugal)

A new issue of the journal Estudos do Quaternário (edited by the Portuguese Association for the Study of the Quaternary) was recently published. It includes a paper by our colleagues João Fonte and José Manuel Costa-García “Alto da Cerca (Valpaços, Portugal): a Roman military settlement in the Padrela Mountain and its relation to the mining district of Tresminas“.

A monographic study of an already known archaeological site located in the north of Portugal (Vila Real district, Valpaços municipality and Padrela e Tazém parish) was carried out by us in this paper. We also propose its reinterpretation as a Roman military settlement directly associated to the mining district Of Tresminas. This hypothesis (which raises further questions) had already been raised by the archaeologist Francisco Sande Lemos in his PhD dissertation on the Roman settlements of Trás-os-Montes Oriental, but it was never properly investigated and argued.

3D model of the Alto da Cerca: orthophoto of the SPLAL flight (1948) on the digital surface model.

We hope you enjoy the paper! We will have soon more news about the Roman military presence in the north of Portugal, stay tuned!

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